Introducing the
Series 2 Update

More inclusions. Better controls. Improved connectivity.


ActronAir ducted systems are known for delivering reliable, energy efficient comfort that is specifically designed to suit Australia’s unique climate.
The Series 2 update to our Classic and ESP Plus series has raised the bar higher, with a host of new improvements and features.

Sound Improvements

A combination of different design features developed to improve sound performance that vary between the Classic and ESP Plus systems.

Home Automation Compatibility

The Series 2 update includes the ability to operate with a new bridging platform that, when used in conjunction with a BMS card, can assist in integrating our systems with over 40 home automation systems.

8 Zones Included As Standard

All Series 2 ducted systems now come with 8 zones available from the factory, removing the need to purchase or install a separate zone kit and reduces installation time.

Back to the Future


All New L Series Controllers

  • Best standard control inclusion on the market
  • Master Wall Controller comes with NFC as standard, allowing for quick and easy access to operating instructions
  • Available in your choice of white or grey
  • Also available for ESP Ultima Zone Controls and Zone Sensors
  • Backwards compatible with a range of existing ActronAir
    systems including – Classic, ESP Plus/Ultima, ESP Platinum Plus/Ultima and Tri-Capacity
  • Ultima controls and sensor on Ultima upgrade

But wait, there's more.

Classic Series 2 is the first product range to operate on our all new controls platform, which provides a host of new functions:

Up to 3 x 7 Day Wall Controllers

Up to 3 x Remote Sensors

Zone Balancing

Improved Commissioning

Wider Operating Range

Better 3rd Party Controls Connectivity

Current Ducted Product Range

Availability & Ordering


  • Classic & ESP Series 2 models will be available from October 1st, subject to Series 1 stock being consumed first
  • Classic Series 1, ESP Plus & Ultima Series 1, and ESP Platinum Plus & Platinum Ultima Series 1 models will be phased out in a staggered manner as remaining stock is consumed
  • Classic Series 1, ESP Plus & Ultima Series 1, and ESP Platinum Plus & Platinum Ultima Series 1 models for Builder fit-offs will continue to be built based on submitted forecasts
  • SRE091C/SRG091E will be removed from the product line-up from 1st October, all remaining stock will be made available while stock lasts
  • SRA260C/SRA260E will NOT receive any of the changes, it has been re-classified to our Commercial range
  • Spare parts on all models being phased out will continue to be available for a minimum of 7 years


  • Classic Series 2 has new model numbers that need to be used when ordering, associated controls and sensors part numbers have changed must be ordered separately
  • ESP Series 2 model numbers remain the same, however associated controls and sensor part numbers have changed and must be ordered separately
  • Classic and ESP Series 2 products now come with 8 zones installed at the factory, meaning no additional zone card will need to be ordered when purchasing
  • Available late September, your Sales Account Executive will be in contact directly once it is available

Series 1 Stock Status

Stock levels correct as of 8 October, 2019. Stock levels updated weekly.
Stock availability may vary from State to State. Strictly while stock lasts.

Type (Series 1) Model Stock Status
Classic SRG091E
Classic SRG101E
Classic SRG131E
Classic SRG151E
Classic SRG171E
Classic SRG201E
Classic SRG231E
Type (Series 1) Model Stock Status
ESP Plus SRV131E
ESP Plus SRV151E
ESP Plus SRV171E
ESP Plus SRV191E
ESP Plus SRV201E
ESP Plus SRV231E
ESP Ultima SRM151E
ESP Ultima SRM171E
ESP Ultima SRM191E
ESP Ultima SRM201E
ESP Ultima SRM231E
Type (Series 1) Model Stock Status
Platinum Plus ERV2-14AS
Platinum Plus ERV3-17AS
Platinum Plus ERV4-19AS
Platinum Ultima ERM2-14AS
Platinum Ultima ERM3-17AS
Platinum Ultima ERM4-19AS

Key Changes to Installation & Commissioning

Critical changes to installation, commissioning and servicing on Classic series 2 have been made.
Concise overview flyers can be downloaded via the buttons below:

We've also prepared a few short instructional videos to help you on your way:


In addition to the information above, we will conduct regular in-depth training sessions on the new Installation, Commissioning & Servicing processes.
If you would like to register yourself or any of your team members up to attend please fill out the simple form below, and we will be in touch with the details closer to our next training session date.

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